Wednesday, December 14, 2016


winter sounds crisp and cold
life the same, never changing
life the same, always ending
my life is so bitter.

cold and empty without a love
a time of unforgiveness and longing
for someone who cares
i cry out to you, you never answer

winter evening, brisk and dark
the stars white against a blackened sky
tiny pearls in an ocean of darkness
why did you leave me?

the end will be near
when life fades and ebbs
my dying breath, always alone
i wish i knew your name.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tem ptat ion vs. Rev el ation

what is temptation- a revelation to the darkness
residing in our soul?
what is revelation--temptation truncated before the
ultimate sin?
i am wondering how to see the two and one together.

social gatherings alone feelings being within
the one place you can be yourself
in a lonely room with the sunlight dust motes
wondering if she will read my email

so is this a day of awareness
my own feelings so shallow
i could be swept away by a kind comment
i lost it all so many years ago

worried about my life
the end is very near
nothing reconciled with my own darkness
in my soul.

is there a resolution to my hardness of heart?
will i give into temptation
or sweep it away and learn my lesson
one more time one more time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


some times you know its all a game
based on actions you created
but you don't know that its all been planned
every gesture, every motive.

its destiny you know
you cannot escape the program that has been created for you
forever in the track of time, just for you
some to success, some to failure

everything was preconceived
preknown and predetermined.
the food you eat, the lovers you grow close to.
no one is excluded from the drama

how it ends, we'll know soon
live your life and focus on the cue cards
its all been planned, every move.
until the final curtain call of your life.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


there is a wildness in this world
unchecked and unknown
a quantity not measured
a sadness all of our own.

the leaves whisper and float
rustling red and yellow
the skies brighten
just never see what is around you

how much have you missed
and haven't known
by living without any happiness
always missing--never knowing

i too am that way
thinking about the past
too long wandering in the emotion
caught in the web of my own sorrow.

never too much
or too little
to be caught in the yesterday
look to the morning
to erase the past.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Why are we here?
To live and die, exist and become dust?
Is there more to life than what we see
An existence of being and disappearance.

Do we mean anything?
Do we love and care
Or hate and slander.
Callous and lonely.

Is this life one of worry about how we look?
How we dress and how we act
What we watch and what we do.
What is cool and what isn't.

There is more to this life.
Than presidential debates that appear to be reality shows
And Facebook posts that nobody cares about.
Someone has all of the answers.
Maybe some day we will too.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Reflection /Mirror

This time you know its true
A lessening of the time
Life is short and fearful
My days are short, darkness and sunshine.

This morning you came to me.
I saw your face in an early morning dream
You faded away when the sun faded into the corner of my room
If only it were true.

The sunrise
Another day to live without your love in my life
Only emptiness and joyless days
You went away and never returned.

My life without you.
Is without worth and meaning.
If only I would not have sent you away
And left you there in the twilight.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Autumn Evening

Did you think it was over?
Its not a game I am playing.
I don't know the ending
Its unknown to me.

The tears in my eyes
Reflections of evening shadows
Autumn evening cooling darkness
What could I say to you?

My speaking had ended yet back again
I am as lost as you
Nowhere to run.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


tears that won't come after the death of someone who isn't dead
yet the feeling is there

my life is broken
by foolish ideals and lonely years
inside of my own shallow heart

inside i am dying
the darkness penetrating
until nothing is left
but the light 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Thinking about the past.
And how things have been left behind.
Too much time on my mind
and lessons learned while my heart was aching.

Gently moving in the soft spring breeze.
Life and love, death and eternity.
Too many sins I haven't paid the price for.

What does it all mean?
This life we are born into.
Is it all just to live and breathe?
Then die and return to dust?

How many times must I remind myself...
Of the love and the world You created for me.
Of the times you have saved me from the pit of Hell.
This life has meaning once you see the Path you're on.

So this day while I think of the past,
I must put it behind, the memories that ache in my soul.
This life is worth living after all.
When You are in it.


Sometimes I don't understand
Why people enter our lives,
Some to upset us,
Some to help us,
All within Your plan.

Sometimes Your Love is hard to know,
when everything around is crashing down.
Sometimes my life is so frustrating,
When clouds and rain are all I see.

Sometimes I just wonder,
Why You took me and saved me
From this desolate world,
I never was a citizen here.

You will never know the times I thought of you.
And how I feel about you.
It is better to not think of the past,
Only to look to tomorrow.

Friday, May 6, 2016


The past lingers in my mind.
This photograph taken before I knew
That you had become my friend
What was life like then?

Seems so long ago.
When I knew who you were
Now we barely say a word.
Time and space erasing.

I see more clearly now
The lifeblood so rich and pure
Redder than the blooms on the tree
That You hung on and died for me. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Evening

The world starts to awaken.
Spring and new life.
Alive and lovely
Evening smells of blooms and flowers.

Yet in the evening
There is still the loneliness
And barren feeling
Of the trees at night.

The wind blowing softly.
A cold breeze through the evening.
This night so bright, yet dark.
One day soon Spring will finally be here.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Life is never forgiving
Love is selfish when not from God.
Casual decadence.
Over stating a theme long lost.

I created my misery
Not the Universe.
A careless look, a wandering gaze.
Loveless and blind in my own life.

You won't forgive me-for the things I have done.
The actions I have taken.
The conversations deleted in my mind
Never remembered.

Late at night I think about You
The Words You have written.
The promises You have made.
And my worries fade away,
into the darkness of my room.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rose Blood

The beauty of life blood.
The roses in bloom.
Life is beauty
Life is a rose.

Slowly blooming, pink flowers.
Blood pink and luscious
The life of one's past.
The petals bloom.

The Spring ends.
The bloom starts to wilt
The petals turn colour.
And fall off, to die.


The Ocean, Evening Tide
Beautiful and deadly
The evening sky so lovely
The boats floating silently in the night.

My mind drifting off to a different time.
When my soul was fleeting, wandering
I don't know how it will end
I don't know when we will stop

The moon, lonely and bright
Rocks feel the waves pounding in
That night was silent
Like our conversation always are.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Autumn Glow

The evening sun
Below the trees
Glowing, a sign
Of the Night to come.

The Autumn evening
cold and brisk
The leaves, bristling cascading
Gently make a blanket on the ground.

Life through the ages
Leaves falling
Our lives ebbing.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Vernal Equinox

What could be more beautiful?
Then Spring in it's glory
More beautiful than the loveliest woman.
More regal than any Queen.

The colors, the hues....
The handpainted scenery
Fresh from the paint brush
Of Our Creator!

Cirrus Melancholia


Is it so beautiful?
The way we live?
The lives we lead-
The secrets we keep.

A celestial chess match
Or free will to all.
My life has been plucked
From the fiery embers

Clouds in spring
Trees stand naked and worn
Waiting for Spring to flourish
Green and beautiful.

Tell me what more does it  mean?
To have purpose, to have life?
In this day we value meaningless things
More than a tree or a cloud in it's beauty.

Monday, March 7, 2016

January By The Lake

Think of a time
When the wind called your name
The darkness a shadow
The clouds illuminate the sky

Mountains obscure the sun
Life had meaning then
Now just a faded memory
In the January sunset.