Saturday, May 7, 2016


Thinking about the past.
And how things have been left behind.
Too much time on my mind
and lessons learned while my heart was aching.

Gently moving in the soft spring breeze.
Life and love, death and eternity.
Too many sins I haven't paid the price for.

What does it all mean?
This life we are born into.
Is it all just to live and breathe?
Then die and return to dust?

How many times must I remind myself...
Of the love and the world You created for me.
Of the times you have saved me from the pit of Hell.
This life has meaning once you see the Path you're on.

So this day while I think of the past,
I must put it behind, the memories that ache in my soul.
This life is worth living after all.
When You are in it.

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