Monday, October 24, 2016

Tem ptat ion vs. Rev el ation

what is temptation- a revelation to the darkness
residing in our soul?
what is revelation--temptation truncated before the
ultimate sin?
i am wondering how to see the two and one together.

social gatherings alone feelings being within
the one place you can be yourself
in a lonely room with the sunlight dust motes
wondering if she will read my email

so is this a day of awareness
my own feelings so shallow
i could be swept away by a kind comment
i lost it all so many years ago

worried about my life
the end is very near
nothing reconciled with my own darkness
in my soul.

is there a resolution to my hardness of heart?
will i give into temptation
or sweep it away and learn my lesson
one more time one more time.

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